Welcome to Hello Beer!  Let's get started.


Your account has already been created for you.  

Go to https://manage.hellobeerapp.com/sign_in and login using your email address and password (sent to you via email).



Welcome to your Manager Dashboard!

From here you can invite Learners to join the Hello BEER mobile app in any of the following 3 ways:


  1. SMS: invite them by mobile

  2. Link/URL: share unique invite link by email or post it on internal website

  3. QR: print QR code and display in staff areas for them to scan


Please note that staff cannot simply download the Hello BEER app direct from their app store - they need to access through one of the above methods.


Detailed instructions for each option outlined below. 


1. Inviting staff using SMS 

Enter their name and mobile number - you can add 5 learners at a time by clicking Add more - then click Send. 


Your learners will receive an SMS with instructions and a unique invite link to download the Hello BEER mobile app and create an account.


Step 1 - click on Invite learners button




Step 2 - add their name and mobile number and click on the Send button


2. Inviting staff using your unique Link/URL 

In your welcome email we included a URL that is unique to your Hello BEER account.

Simply send the unique Link/URL to staff via email or your internal website so they can download the app for free to their mobile device.


3. Inviting staff using your unique QR code 


In your welcome email we included a QR code that is unique to your Hello BEER account.

This QR code can be printed and displayed in staff areas for your teams to scan and download the app – great for temporary team members. 



Manage your learners and track their progress

Once your invited staff members register on Hello BEER, you will see their status change from Invited to Active.

When staff members register on the Hello BEER app using either the QR code or the URL associated with your account, they will automatically appear on this list.

From your Manager Dashboard you can now track your learners’ course progress using either the Learners or Courses lists in the top menu 


Click a learner's name to view their learner detail screen where you will be able to see:

  • invite and registration dates

  • course start and completion dates

  • a list of courses started and completed. 

From here you can also re-send an invitation or deactivate a learner if you no longer wish to provide access to the Hello BEER training app.


In the Courses tab you can see a list of courses and the number of learners that have started or completed each one. 

Click on each course to see course details such as:

  • Learners who have started or completed the selected course

  • Completion time

  • Certificate validity

Support team

E: support@hellobeerapp.com

M: +447551316987

Please mention where you work when you get in touch. Thank you!