In case of support requests when customers are unable to register using their invitation link and are unable to request a new one a quick solution is for us to register the user. 

1. Invite yourself as a learner from your management account.

2. Register the user with their email address and temporary password. 

3. Once the user is registered we can move the learner to the account/pub (establishment) they were invited from. 

Move learner to a different account and establishment: 

We need the account id, establishment id and establishment name we are moving the learner to  i.e your account id to pub manager's id. 

Open two windows side by side firestore > accountMembers > select the learner > filter by invited 
sort by desc to easily find the correct learner - alternatively filter by name

Once you have the learner (status: active) selected, paste the account reference you are moving the learner to

In establishments, paste the establishment reference, and change establishment name 

To find the account_id and establishment_id find the account member reference they were initially invited by.

If you invited yourself as a learner and registered the customer you need to change the phone number in the accountMembers invitePhoneNumber field.