1. How do I create a new Hello Beer management account?

Go to hellobeerapp.com > Upskill your staff today

2. How do I use a discount code when signing up?
For customers with a discount code, input this when signing up on the payment screen and it will be applied for one year (your current annual subscription period).  Once your code is accepted, you'll see the discount applied on this page and you'll then be able to complete your purchase.  To apply a discount to subsequent years please see FAQ 13.

3. How do I reset my password?

Open the drop down menu from your profile icon and click Your profile icon > Edit profile > Password > enter your current password, new password > Save

4. How do I download the Hello Beer app?

To download the Hello Beer mobile app you need a learner invitation, which is sent from your management app dashboard.  Select 'Invite learner', enter the learner's full name and mobile number and select 'Send'.  Once you receive the SMS, click the link which will take you to the iOS app or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded Hello Beer, open the app and click Join now (if you only see 'Log in' click the invitation link again), enter your details to create your account and you’re ready to go.


5. Does Hello BEER work on any device?

The Pub Manager dashboard is web based, so can be accessed from any device.  The Hello BEER mobile app is an app-based system so can be accessed from any device connected to the App Store or Google Play.

6. How many pubs can I add?

You can add as many pubs as you wish.

7. How many learners can I invite?

You can invite 20 learners per licence. Purchase licences according to the number of learners you wish to invite.

8. How do I sign up my staff?

Once registered, simply input your staff names and mobile numbers on the Learners screen – each learner will receive a unique SMS link to download the Hello BEER app for free.  Note: the SMS link will expire after 7 days – just click Resend if you need to send another link.

9. Can I restrict my staff members from accessing the Hello Beer app?

You might want to remove a learner from your pub if you no longer wish to train them with Hello Beer. From your Learners list on your dashboard, hover over the learner name and click Deactivate or deactivate from the learner profile screen. This will restrict the learner to only seeing their certificates. You can reactivate a learner at any time by clicking re-activate.

10. Can I monitor usage and completion of courses on the Hello BEER app?

Of course!  Login to the Learners section of the Hello BEER website to view your unique dashboard to see course completion by individual learners and across your different outlets. Here you can also invite new learners and manage existing learners by cancelling or resending invitations.  To manage your subscription, head to Your Profile > Manage subscription where you'll be able to increase the number of licences.

11. How can I move my staff member to another pub?

First you need to deactivate a learner or cancel the invite for the learner you wish to move. If the invitation has been cancelled, click Re invite from the pop up dialog box, select the pub from the drop down list  > Re invite.

12. How does Hello BEER renew after one year?

When signing up to Hello BEER, the licence is set to auto-renew after one year.  This can be turned on or off in the customer Profile section (Your profile > Manage subscription).  You will receive an email reminder before your renewal date. 

13. How do I apply my discount code to my next annual subscription period?
For customers with a discount code, input this via Your profile > Manage subscription > Have a Discount code? any time before the expiry date to apply the discount to your next annual subscription period.

14. How can I cancel my subscription?

You have 14 days from the start of your subscription to cancel your subscription from Manage subscription screen.

15. Can I get a refund if I no longer want to use Hello Beer?

You have a 14 day cooling off period from the start of your subscription to reduce the number of licences or cancel for a full refund.

16. Can I transfer my account to another manager?

You can share your account details - email address and password - with another member of your team. Once they log in they will be able to edit the email and password and they will have access to the account. We suggest changing your password to something unique, one that you don’t use for any other platforms for security purposes.

17. What if I manage multiple pubs?

You can add multiple pubs and manage your staff for each one of your pubs.

18. Can I assign a learner to a different outlet/pub?

Absolutely!  You'll have to deactivate them first, then when you reactivate them, simply choose their new outlet. Follow these steps: locate the Active learner in your learners list > Press Deactivate (to the right of the course started/completed data) > Select Deactivate > Locate your deactivated learner in the learners list by selecting Status > Inactive > Select Reactivate, and choose the outlet to assign your learner to from the drop down list > SelectReactivate.

You'll now see the learner status change to 'active'.

NB: Whilst the learner is 'deactivated', they will not be able to take courses, but as soon as they are 'reactivated' they'll be able to see courses again.  All their course progression will be saved.

19. Can I use my dashboard from my mobile?

Absolutely! You can use your Hello Beer dashboard from any device through browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome by visiting manage.hellobeerapp.com. 

You can create a shortcut to access your dashboard from your home screen with one click. Open your browser, click the share button at the bottom of the screen (an arrow pointing up if you are using safari) and select Add to Home Screen.

20. How do I reassign my management account to one of my learners?

If one of your learners would like to take over your pub manager account, we can action this for you.  Just send the support team an email with all the details and we'll get right onto it: support@hellobeerapp.com.